Food and drink companies like to get creative around this time of year by making holiday themed version of all their products. Sometimes, they’re on to something, and they their special edition holiday product gets folks feigning for it all year round. Then there are times when their attempt to be festive sucks so bad, […]

Anything goes on television nowadays — even if you’re a respectable sports analyst. Remember when Shaquille O’Neal took funny and gross to the another level on Inside the NBA back in 2017 when he took off his shoe and revealed his shockingly gruesome foot. The guys on the panel nearly barfed. Ernie Johnson said Shaq’s […]

Both peanut butter and pickles are acquired tastes — so you when you put them together, that’s a recipe for a nasty a** meal.   Well, wypipo are at it again with a new, basic food craze that’ll further confirm  that they have different taste buds than everyone else. Pickles are a classic snack on […]

So Grace Goldstein went to a Trader Joe’s in Washington D.C. Grace Goldstein got a bag of kale. Grace Goldstein got back home to unload said kale from her grocery bags. Grace Goldstein got a closer look at her kale and found this… A quick zoom in, just in case you missed it.   […]

Philippine shoppers got a not so pleasant surprise while strolling through the mall recently. In a video that’s since gone viral, a rat is chilling on an escalator step as if it was its own personal pad. When people try to make their way downstairs, the rat defends its turf by lunging at peoples’ legs. […]

So someone in Taipei, Taiwan thought it would be a good idea to open a bathroom-themed restaurant. It’s called Modern Toilet. Customers’ food gets served in a bowl that resembles a toilet and they even have a swirling chocolate sundae option that resembles poop. If you can stomach the idea, check it out for yourself […]

The thought of a dead fly in your glass of water could give many folks nightmares — but imagine if you found a whole amphibian caught in your drink. One couple in Tallahassee, Florida discovered a dead frog floating around in their water at a Waffle House. That’s right, earlier this month, Claire Sheats said […]

A man in Katy, Texas claims to have discovered a small rodent in his three-year-old grandson's Dr. Pepper.

It’s been a pretty tough month for Subway, with its most famous spokesman being arrested on child porn charges and now living out foot-long eaters’ worst nightmare. Instead of getting jalapeños or banana peppers, one Subway customer in Oregon got a dead mouse in his sandwich. The unlucky guy, Jay Armstead, found a dripping wet mouse sandwiched between […]

Get ready to barf. No, seriously. We’re literally gagging. While promoting his new album Cherry Bomb, Tyler, the Creator paid a crazy-ass fan to literally eat human vomit, and he only paid him £20. Trying to figure out how much £20 is in USD? Thirty petty dollars.  The unspeakable act went down at the O2 Academy in […]