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Sour candy

Source: Shawn Knol / Getty

Food and drink companies like to get creative around this time of year by making holiday themed version of all their products. Sometimes, they’re on to something, and they their special edition holiday product gets folks feigning for it all year round. Then there are times when their attempt to be festive sucks so bad, you can’t believe it actually made it to the stores.

Like S’mores flavored Candy Corn.


Yes, someone turned an already suspicious treat into something much more sus.


So far, there are mixed reviews about chocolate and marshmallow flavored snack. Some people thing to happen to the candy world:

While others feel like Smore flavored Candy Corn is some sort of sick joke.


But believe it or not, there are actually far worse Holiday themed snacks out there. From Halloween, to Easter, to Christmas, candy makers go hard to create a treat that you’ll never forget, whether good or bad.

We put together a list for you that will hopefully save you and your taste buds from hating you this holiday season. Hit the flip for Holiday snacks ranked from what the hell to why the hell.

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