If you’re looking forward to a day of rest and relaxation like the rest of the world, you’re probably super excited that Memorial Day Weekend is upon us. The down time that comes with it is not the only reason the weekend holds so much value for people though. Memorial Day is a federal holiday […]

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake appear alongside one another in Hulu's latest limited crime series, Candy. It reminded us of how outrageously fine they are together. Check out this gallery of the couples best moments throughout the years.

Food and drink companies like to get creative around this time of year by making holiday themed version of all their products. Sometimes, they’re on to something, and they their special edition holiday product gets folks feigning for it all year round. Then there are times when their attempt to be festive sucks so bad, […]

So apparently, a future lover for thousands of people has been laying low and now it’s finally ready to come out! I’m talking about Sour Patch Kids ice cream of course. The Instagram page JunkFoodMom posted their Red, White & Blue ice cream and now folks are celebrating the frozen treat they didn’t know they […]

What do you think? Are you buying what JuSFlyy is selling?

In all actuality, it turns out every Skittle in the rainbow tastes the same.

  On Thursday during his game against the Chicago Bulls, LeBron James proved that even basketball couldn’t come between the love he has for his daughter. During a timeout in the heated game, LBJ spotted his daughter sitting near the Cavaliers’ bench. After greeting her, she asked the Cav’s star for candy, and James went […]

One of the best commercials ever made was Tootsie Pop’s Mr. Owl commercial which originally ran in 1969. It was 60 seconds long and featured a cow, a fox, a turtle, and the now infamous owl but was later shortened to 15 seconds just featuring the Owl and pretty much still runs today. As the commercial […]

Was this outburst pre-meditated or off the cuff? Has this anger been festering in her soul for weeks?

Don’t know what to get your bae for Valentine’s Day? How about a box of chocolates shaped like your anus. Kevin Gates would love these. A company called is pushing bite-sized anus-shaped chocolates. According to their website, Edible Anus is proud to produce traditional hand-crafted chocolates made to the highest standard in their British atelier. If that’s not […]

Marijuana-laced candy is a thing, obviously, and it’s clearly not for children. But Prince Georges County police were forced to warn Maryland parents of the edibles after they seized several boxes of the sweet treats right before Halloween. According to the Washington Post: Lt. Bill Alexander said Friday that all of the candy was labeled […]

The candy company Haribo was put under fire this week after it was revealed that they were selling liquorice sweets shaped like traditional African masks. The gummy treats were captured by a Twitter user, which showed the distorted faces in black, which many social media users considered “racist”. According to, the company decided to […]