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Well, you can’t say this isn’t creative.

A Central Florida man who weighs about 450 pounds is in some deep trouble after attempting to hide 23 grams of marijuana under his stomach fat.

Yep, that totally happened.

According to a new release, a Volusia County sheriff’s deputy stopped a vehicle Friday after noticing that the passenger wasn’t wearing a seatbelt.

Officials say 42-year-old Christopher Mitchell told the deputy that he’s too big to wear a seatbelt. The deputy says he requested a drug-detecting dog because Mitchell and the driver appeared nervous. The dog detected the presence of drugs in the vehicle.

In addition to the drugs on Mitchell, deputies say they also found a handgun and $7,000 in cash in the vehicle.

Mitchell was arrested for marijuana possession and also cited for failure to wear a seatbelt. The driver, Keithian Roberts, was arrested for possession of cocaine.

SOURCE: AP | PHOTO CREDIT: Volusia County Sheriff’s Office