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Say what you will about Lana Del Rey‘s music, she’s an expert at crafting an image.

Morphing herself away from singer/songwriter Lizzy Grant, the girl from Upstate New York became the femme fatale chanteuse known as Lana Del Rey, and she’s embodied that persona ever since. The 27-year-old burst onto the scene with the slow burner “Video Games” and a self-directed video to match, and she rocketed to superstardom quickly – maybe too quickly.

After a dismal SNL debut, a little watched short film effort, and endless criticism for her brooding anti-feminist music and lackadaisical stage presence, LDR has still managed to churn out hits, and most importantly, keep the conversation going.

Her debut Born To Die went platinum in the U.S. and now she’s dropped her highly anticipated sophomore effort, Ultraviolence, in stores today. So while we listen to her new crop of somber, atmospheric tunes and wait for them to grow on us (because you know they will) we gathered up 40 of Lana’s most enchanting photographs. Clearly, this girl is a natural in front of the camera.


Lana Del Rey’s Most Enchanting Pictures (PHOTOS)
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