Most girls are sugar, spice, and everything nice. Lana Del Rey is not most girls. Instead, she’s doom, gloom, and a pinch of old Hollywood glam. Lana might be sad, lonely, and heartbroken, but the songstress is still young and beautiful as we see here on the latest issue of Maxim magazine. LDR covers the men’s magazine with her hair […]

The diva of sadness and love-sick anthems, Lana Del Rey is downright charming on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine’s July issue. Her tunes might give us some somber feelings, but there is nothing solemn about the cover, on which Lana is curled up next to a shady gray cat rocking her signature retro hairstyle and fiery […]

Say what you will about Lana Del Rey‘s music, she’s an expert at crafting an image. Morphing herself away from singer/songwriter Lizzy Grant, the girl from Upstate New York became the femme fatale chanteuse known as Lana Del Rey, and she’s embodied that persona ever since. The 27-year-old burst onto the scene with the slow […]

Lana Del Rey’s new album Ultraviolence is well on its way and we’re super excited. The “Brooklyn Baby” sweetheart just released some snippets off the album and it’s already sounding like the classic sultry Lana we love. After releasing her debut studio album Born to Die, which went platinum, we’re expecting the best to come for Lana this summer after all she’s learned being in the […]

Lana Del Rey is on a winning streak. With last month’s single “West Coast” still echoing throughout the radio, and barely a week after she released the smoky “Shades of Cool,” Lana gives us yet another preview of her sophomore studio album with the title track “Ultraviolence.” The song features heavenly strings and twangy guitar chords that perfectly complement […]