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It’s been a while since we’ve seen Peter Gunz on our television screens, but we’ve been keeping an ear to the ground, wondering how his relationships with Amina Buddafly and Tara are going, because let’s face it – that kind of baby mama drama doesn’t just disappear.

Case in point…

Peter – the first man to wife his side chick but still keep her as his side chick – was recently spotted with someone who looks a lot like Tara, his baby mother who he cheated on and left for Amina, his new wife. Lil Duval saw the Love & Hip-Hop pair out and about in NYC and quickly snapped a photo, captioning it:

“Me and @cthagod was walking around the New York streets last night and saw these 2 all hugged up. And 1st thing I thought was “hold up I thought he married his side bitch. the fuck he doing wit her”

We’re confused too, seeing as Tara and Peter were completely done the last time we saw them and Amina is currently very pregnant with Gunz’s child…. but honestly, nothing is more confusing than a L&HH love triangle (see: Stevie J, Mimi Faust, & Joseline).

Meanwhile, Amina has been posting photos on Instagram and she seems to be getting through her pregnancy gracefully. Just three days ago, she told her followers:

33 weeks …for all yall noseys who keep asking…now u can do the math 😉

Gorgeous, isn’t she?

We hope this isn’t what it looks like… but knowing Peter Gunz, it just might be. Check out the photos above and leave your thoughts below.

Side note: Lil Duval’s dry snitching in these streets?!


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