After weeks of being roasted, dragged and accused of being a liar with herpes, Usher is finally speaking out about his relationship (or lack thereof) with Quantasia Sharpton — his only public accuser. Quantasia held a press conference on Monday, claiming the singer had unprotected sex with her without revealing he had herpes. However, Usher […]

Lil Duval isn’t keeping his mouth shut, despite recent controversy. The comedian is now coming after the woman who accused Usher of exposing her to an STD. Yesterday, Quantasia Sharpton did a press conference with attorney Lisa Bloom about her sexual encounter with Usher. The backlash started immediately and some people attacked her weight, including […]

Lil Scrappy‘s name is now in the mix of the Bobby V. conversation, after a video surfaced on Wednesday of the rapper and singer partying with women who were allegedly transgender.   After the sketchy video made its rounds on the Internet, the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star took to social media to […]

The Breakfast Club is in the middle of some intense heat after they had comedian Lil Duval on their show. Duval said that if he found out he slept with a transgender woman he would kill her. While the radio show condemned Duval’s words as a hate crime, Charlamagne tha God continued to laugh with […]

Backlash against Lil Duval and The Breakfast Club has continued after the comedian dropped by the show and said a transgender woman would have to die if she revealed her identity after they had sex. Lil Duval continued his sentiments when he went on TMZ Live on Monday. The comedian said he has no problem […]

The Breakfast Club is under fire for some transphobic remarks and advocates are calling for a boycott of the radio show. Comedian Lil Duval appeared on  the show last Friday (July 28). When the transgender military ban came up, Duval made a series of transphobic remarks, even saying he would kill a trans person. DJ Envy […]


We caught up with the actors at Teterboro Airport (in their very own private jet!) .

It looks like Mike Epps has decided to play nice. Not long after he called Lira Galore a “man” and Lil Duval stepped in to back him up, the actor/comedian issued a public apology to the model. But first, let’s revisit when Mike came for Lira on Instagram. It all started when someone hacked Lira’s Twitter and a screenshot of […]

Comedian Lil Duval decided to put in his two cents, insinuating that the hack was a "publicity stunt" for attention.

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In an interesting turn of events, the custody battle between Future and Ciara turned into a separate argument between Amber Rose and comedian Lil Duval.

UPDATE: 1:00 PM ET Is social media the only way Meek knows hows to respond? The once legendary battle rapper has been saving all his best shots for online posts – when he should be saving it for verses. His latest response is an Instagram post of Drake and his alleged ghost writer Quentin […]

It’s time for another episode of Socially Decoded, published every Monday and Friday on Today, we’re breaking down the tweets of Lil Duval, who spends most of his time on Twitter telling jokes and dropping knowledge. This week we got comedians King Keraun, Shelah Marie, and It’s The Real’s Jeff and Eric to decipher Duval’s tweets, as […]