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The Breakfast Club is under fire for some transphobic remarks and advocates are calling for a boycott of the radio show.

Comedian Lil Duval appeared on  the show last Friday (July 28). When the transgender military ban came up, Duval made a series of transphobic remarks, even saying he would kill a trans person. DJ Envy asked Duval what would he do if he slept with a woman and found out she was transgender. His response? “This might sound messed up, but I don’t care. She dying.”

Charlamagne tha God pointed out that Duval’s actions would be a hate crime, while Angela Yee explained that trans women are still women despite Duval believing he would be gay if he slept with a trans women. Charlamagne then proceeded to agree with Duval that a transperson should go to jail if they don’t tell you they’re trans before having sex. The radio hosts also talked Janet Mock, a transgender media personality who came on the show last Tuesday (July 25), hoping that would convince Duval that trans women are worth living. They continued to joke with Duval after over three minutes of transphobic conversation. You can watch a clip of the back and forth below, starting at the 6:25 mark.

Now, the transgender community and allies are speaking out. On Sunday, Charlamagne was speaking at a Politicon event in Passadena when a trans person shouted, “We are not a joke!” An advocate in the room also shouted “trans people are not a joke!” You can watch the footage below.

Charlamagne and The Breakfast Club have not responded to the backlash yet, but now there’s a push on social media to boycott the show. Lil Duval’s appearance came just after #TransLiberationTuesday on July 25 — a day to bring attention to trans issues and the alarming deaths of trans women of color.