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She may be the daughter of hip-hop royalty, but Angela Simmons has got a hustle that’s all her own. After essentially growing up in Run’s House (and on our TV screens), this little lady has been making a name for herself since her foray into fashion and the launch of her lifestyle website,, back in March.

The site has been a portal for you, her fans, and fashion lovers alike, and through the platform, we’ve been able to get a glimpse of all things Angela. But now she’s ready to level-up, as she continues to make moves and expand her empire.

Yesterday, the mini-mogul launched a Kickstarter campaign to continue to build AngelaIAmTV. Since its creation, it’s been a platform to showcase creative talent and give viewers exclusive access into events revolving around everything from fashion to entertainment, art to music. But now she’s working hard to make it into something much bigger and better with your help.

Watch the road to AngelaIAmTV up top, and visit her Kickstarter page to learn just how you can get involved here.


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