Maybe Chilli and T-Boz will gift us a new track for the holidays?

Beer is amazing. From its distinctive taste to the fact it doesn’t get you wasted as quickly as hard liquor, beer is the best of both worlds. The only issue is the beer belly it comes with. But a new company called Supplemental Brewing wants you to get swol’ while throwing a few back. It combines two […]

Suge Knight is back in jail after he spent another day in the hospital for “stomach problems,” according to his attorney. The hip-hop mogul was taken to the hospital from a West Los Angeles Courthouse during an arraignment where he would please guilty or not guilty to charges of threatening a woman he allegedly stole […]

The reunion of TLC in the last couple of years has brought huge amounts of joy to their longtime fans, and while the beloved Left Eye is sadly no longer with us, the girls still plan to release one last album. Announcing that they have launched a Kickstarter campaign for their final project together, Chilli […]

Crowd funding isn’t just for your wedding or film project anymore. Sites like Kickstater and GoFundMe have provided millions of people with a chance to follow their dreams with a little help from the internet. The Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart is the latest to create a Kickstarter campaign to buy CNN for $10 billion; except […]

Some celebrity children are fine with being just that—but the same can definitely not be said for Angela Simmons. We may have first been introduced to her as the daughter of Rev Run on their hit show, Run’s House, but now she’s all grown up, and doing grown woman things. The 26-year-old has got a hustle all her own and […]

She may be the daughter of hip-hop royalty, but Angela Simmons has got a hustle that’s all her own. After essentially growing up in Run’s House (and on our TV screens), this little lady has been making a name for herself since her foray into fashion and the launch of her lifestyle website,, back in March. […]