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Even though Rep. Charles B. Rangel is gearing up to grab yet another two years in Congress, adding on to his already 40-year legacy, the face of Harlem politics had time to stop by GlobalGrind during his campaign to talk gun violence, inner city negligence and yes, even music, during Gun Violence Awareness Month.

Rangel, who was accompanied by friend Pras Michel of The Fugees, has been tough on gun control legislation throughout his career, but admits that the nation is a long way from effectual reform. The two recently addressed gun violence at a news conference hosted along with Harlem Mothers S.A.V.E., an advocacy group founded by women whose children have been murdered.

“It’s a national disgrace that a country can be so far in obtaining democratic goals and yet allow money, bullets and guns that are not used for protection or sports but are used to kill people,” he said.

“The outrage is not there unless we find half a dozen white college kids someplace… not the violence we find in communities of despair.”

Pras, who declared himself a dedicated “foot soldier” for Rangel’s cause, likened America’s gun crisis to the war on drugs — stating that both are failed efforts that don’t address the real issue.

Check out the video above to see the unlikely pair discuss how gun manufacturers and their money rule America and, switching gears, if Pras will be reuniting with the Fugees, and Rangel’s longtime crush on Billie Holiday.

Yep. He took it there.

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