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The calm demeanor. The old lady rocking sunglasses. This old guy’s belted pants.

For the record, the couple who rolled their little blue Honda over are A-OK, but isn’t this the best car wreck picture ever?

On Wednesday, the elderly couple flipped their Honda while cruising along the Los Angeles streets. It’s unclear how the driver, who’s been married to her husband for 60 years, flipped the car, but it’s suspected she pulled into the driveway just a little too hard.

Her husband was able to climb out of the car via the sky-facing door to seek help and of course, snap a few hilarious pics. And yes, he stood by her side, pants hiked to nipple level, the entire time she was flawlessly stuck in the driver’s seat.

According to NBC:

The couple seemed to be in good spirits, according to Los Angeles police. The woman even asked her husband for her purse so she could take a picture of herself, police said.

Los Angeles County firefighters helped free her.

Is anyone else getting major The Notebook vibes from this awesome couple?

SOURCE: DailyMail, NBC | PHOTO CREDIT: Screengrab