Have you ever witnessed something so bizarre that you knew there had to be some greater force taking over? If you haven’t, this video will definitely change your mind. Footage from a car dash shows a terrible crash about to happen before the driver manages to pull off this miraculous move: Mind blowing! Jesus took […]

The body cam footage of Venus Williams interacting with officers after her car crash has finally been released. The footage shows the police believing Venus was “at fault” when she was T-boned by Jerome and Linda Barson’s car on June 9, which eventually led to Jerome’s death. An officer approaches Venus to have her describe the […]

Early Wednesday morning, the Atlanta rapper had a fatal car accident.


As it turns out, the man whose Prius Jenner crashed into other week was reportedly living out of his car.

Last week, OG Maco was involved in a terrible car accident.


Miriam's mother was a few steps ahead before she turned around to witness what would ultimately be another heartbreak.

Tracy Morgan opened up about life after his horrific car accident in a recent in-depth interview with Rolling Stone.

Oklahoma City Police confirm that the man killed in a car wreck early Wednesday morning is Oklahoma City Thunder part owner and former CEO of Chesapeake Energy, Aubrey McClendon.

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Way to be a real life superhero, Jamie.


Lakeisha Holloway is accused of driving her car into a bustling Las Vegas commercial strip, killing one person and injuring dozens.

Blac Chyna's BMW was involved in a horrific car accident on Sunday morning, and now she may be in big legal trouble.

Reports that Seattle Seahawks teammates Fred Jackson and Marshawn Lynch were involved in a drag racing incident turned out to be false.