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The Kris Jenner car crash plot thickens.

As it turns out, the man whose Prius crashed into Jenner last week is reportedly an actor/model who was living out of his car. According to TMZ, times have been tough for Jack Way lately, so he’d made a home out of his vehicle “to make ends meet.”

From TMZ:

“The Prius was totaled after Jack cut in front of Kris’ Rolls at a Calabasas intersection. Here’s the problem … it appears the accident was his fault and he doesn’t have collision insurance, and he doesn’t have the money to get a new whip.

So, Jack’s calling on friends for a place to sleep every night while he regroups.

He’s also lawyering up … he’s been in touch with Larry H. Parker, who gets some people $2.1 million …”

Here’s to hoping he gets it all figured out.


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