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2016 ASB Classic - Day 2

Source: Hannah Peters / Getty

The body cam footage of Venus Williams interacting with officers after her car crash has finally been released.

The footage shows the police believing Venus was “at fault” when she was T-boned by Jerome and Linda Barson’s car on June 9, which eventually led to Jerome’s death. An officer approaches Venus to have her describe the incident. The tennis star was upfront with the officer, detailing how she drove into the intersection, but stopped when another vehicle made a left in front of her. The officer told Venus that she had violated the right of way of Jerome and Linda’s car making her “at fault.”

“What seems to have happened is from the time that you entered North Lake Boulevard and stopped, the westbound light changed to green, and that car was westbound in the right lane, so you kind of violated his right of way,” the officer told Williams.

Despite this, the officer said Venus wouldn’t be ticketed, explaining, “I think you got stuck in the middle of the intersection. It’s one of those situations where you had the right way, but you lost the right of way.”

Linda suffered broken bones while her 78-year-old husband, Jerome, was hospitalized for two weeks . He eventually died from his injuries on June 22. You can watch the body cam footage of Venus and the officer below.