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This weekend, Kelly Osbourne took to Instagram to reveal her newest appearance change. The Fashion Police host isn’t only rocking a shaved head and vibrant purple hair, but she also has a sick new tattoo to go along with it.

Kelly released a couple of photos on her page, showing her during and after getting tatted. The star has other tattoos, but it’s still hard to believe she could be cool and calm enough to snap a picture while a needle was drilling into her head.

As for the tattoo, it’s on the left side of her shaved head with the word “Stories…” inked in a typewriter Sanskrit. The ink job was done by Californian artist Mark Mahoney.

It’s a little unclear why she got that specific tat, but we’re assuming like it says, there’s some definite stories that go along with her decision and motive for getting it. Check out the photos from Kelly’s tattooed weekend below.


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