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Shots. Shots. And more shots.

Chris Brown privately admitted that the reason he was looking a little worse for wear after the BET Awards on Sunday night was because he had a bit too much to drink. According to TMZ:

He hadn’t had a drink in 6 months — mostly because he was either in rehab or jail.

Chris says he was goaded at Playhouse into drinking … by famous folk like Lil Wayne, Tyga and Soulja Boy. They wanted him to celebrate his return on the BET stage by doing shots.

He didn’t say exactly how many drinks he imbibed in, but all we know is that it included “several.” And of course, when you party with Lil Wayne and Karen Civil at Liv on Sundays In Los Angeles, you have to go hard as well:

Check out a video of Breezy in the DJ booth at Playhouse post-BETs looking turnt:

We don’t blame you Breezy, enjoying a few drinks is cool. Just keep it safe and peaceful. 

SOURCE: TMZ | PHOTO CREDIT: Prince Williams For ATL Pics 

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