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When the first line of the collaboration between Kanye West and A.P.C. dropped last year, it basically broke the internet and sold out within a matter of minutes. And you better believe the same thing will happen come July 17, when the second and final collection drops. spoke to A.P.C.’s founder, Jean Touitou, who dished on some details behind working with Yeezus this time around:

How did the process of working with Kanye evolve over time?

The process was easier the second time because we have learned more from each other, and then also we stopped by the military archive. It was surprisingly easier the second time, except at the end.

What happened at the end?

What happened at the end is exactly what he does to his own records, so I didn’t take it personally—like when it’s something he makes, and ten days before it drops, and then he wants to start from scratch. In music things are so possible, especially with today’s technology, good engineer, good computer, you could stretch time, but in fashion there are so many people involved, from weaving, knitting, choosing the yarn, choosing the color, making the pattern, making the first samples. It’s so much more material, but again, I don’t feel badly about him pushing the limits. So that was the difficulty. But apart from that, it was perfectly easy.

So he wanted to change things—

That happens until, like, sixteen minutes before the presentation, I was changing things.

Start collecting your coins now, because you better be ready to shell out a few pretty pennies for this one. The 16-piece collection includes a ‘Plain T-Shirt,’ with a price tag of $90 (which is not Ralph, though–but at least it’s cheaper than that hip-hop T-shirt?), a ski mask, and a $1,015 jacket (which is not Margiela).


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