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It’s no secret that we here at GlobalGrind love us some Amber Rose because, well, she’s flawless. And although the bald-headed beauty was born that way, she does get a little help every now and then from celebrity makeup artist Priscilla Ono.

If you’re a true Rosebud, we’re sure she’s a familiar face from Muva’s Instagram feed alone–she is her BFF, after all. A true makeup maven, Priscilla’s been in the beauty game since she was 19 years old (get this–her first client ever was Dawn Robinson of En Vogue 10 years ago), and now the dynamically fabulous duo is teaming up for their brand new foray into fashion with the online boutique,

Get to know Muva’s other other half from our exclusive interview down below.

GlobalGrind: You have a long list of clients–Rihanna, Amber, Iggy Azalea–but who’s one person you’re dying to get in your makeup chair?

I’ve actually never worked with Rihanna before!

But you did do the “S&M” video with her.

I was in the video with her! I was there actually doing makeup for the extras and for Perez Hilton, and she saw me. She was just so chill and cool, and she was like, ‘You need to be in my video,’ and I was like ‘Ummm, yeah!’

You don’t turn down RiRi.

You never do. And she’s cool friends with Amber, so I’ve seen her a couple of times, and I would love to do her makeup. When I see her I’m like, ‘Girl, you’re beautiful, let me do your makeup!’

Speaking of Amber, how do you achieve her flawless face? Every time we see her, she’s stunning. What’s the trick here?

I think the trick is honestly skincare. If you take good care of your skin, the outcome is going to be good. We prep the skin. I think that’s the key when I do anybody’s makeup–prepping the skin, making sure it’s exfoliated, moisturized. And after that, everything goes on like butter. But you have to take care of your skin.

Have you ever been on set and just had a major makeup meltdown where things weren’t going very well?

Yes! There’s a lot of times when you’re on set and you work with an artist, and they have a vision. And the photographer has a vision. And then the label has a vision. And all of the visions don’t actually go together. So, you’re trying to do something and make your client happy, and then you’re trying to do what the label wants and what the photographer wants. Now, being in this for 10 years, I now just make the artist happy. At the end of the day, they’re the ones that need to feel comfortable, but a lot of the times before, that was my meltdown–when I was trying to make everybody else happy and try to do a little bit of everything and then it wouldn’t come out right. I just trust the artist.

What’s a common beauty blunder you see all the time that just makes you cringe?

Eyebrows. I’m a big eyebrow girl. If I see over-tweezed eyebrows, it makes me cringe. Do not over tweeze–it is the worst thing you can do.

Ladies, leave the tweezers alone. Now what are three makeup must-haves every girl should have in her beauty bag?

Mascara, definitely. A beauty blender. And I would probably say a lip gloss or lip balm. Because you don’t want dry lips.

Everything about you is so bold and beautiful–your blue hair,  your whole look. How did you develop your amazing sense of style?

You know what, my style sense is just whatever I feel inside, I exude it on the outside. Inside, I feel like I’m always happy, I always see the brighter side of things, I see the beauty in everyone, so I want to exude that on the outside. Someone once told me on an Instagram comment, “It looks like a unicorn threw up on you.” And it was funny because one of my clients, Iggy, commented back, “I wish a unicorn threw up on me.” And I was like, yeah, that’s kind of what I am: A unicorn threw up on me, and I’m happy with it.

And now you’ve teamed up with Amber for, your online boutique, which launched last month. Tell me about that.

Amber and I have been wanting to do a business together since we met. We just see eye-to-eye on a lot of things. I really love fashion, and she’s known for fashion, so we just thought it was a good mix. After she had her baby, she had gained some weight and she was having trouble finding the right clothes, so I helped her to dress her body size and figure out what was flattering. She said, ‘You’re really good at this, we should have something together,’ and here it is.

What’s your favorite piece that’s on the site?

It’s our pill dress, for the plus-size side. It’s sold out but it’s coming back, and that’s probably one of my favorite pieces. For our straight sizes, I really like our two-piece sets.

And how do you feel about the term “plus-size” and how it’s used to differentiate between body types?

I mean, we have to do it because there have to be the different areas where people know where they should go. A lot of people say “normal size,” and I don’t think “normal” is the right word, so we say “straight sizes.” I think that’s the proper way to say it without trying to make one or the other seem better.

What else do you have in the works?

We’re working on our own Rose and Ono line, our own private label. Right now we’re a boutique, so we carry other people’s brands. We’re almost done–I actually saw samples yesterday, so we can’t wait for our original pieces to come out!


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