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On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled that closely held, for-profit companies can claim a religious exemption to the Obamacare requirement that they provide health insurance coverage for birth control.

Hobby Lobby, the family-owned chain of arts and craft stores behind the ruling, claimed the Obamacare requirement for corporations to provide health care coverage for contraceptives interfered with their religious freedom by forcing them to comply with practices they find morally objectionable (such as emergency contraception and hormonal and copper intrauterine devices).

But upon hearing the ruling, both Hobby Lobby advocates and conservatives with similar sentiments descended on social media and the internet to not only celebrate their win, but spread inaccurate information about birth control and its uses.

Nope, they couldn’t just bask quietly in their “corporations are also people, Christianity rules all and women only exist to bear children” win. They had to remind us again why access to birth control is just so damn important.

Take these people for example:

So for those above who believe birth control is abortion or comparable to dildos and wet wipes, here are some inaccurate “truths” you need to let go.

Birth Control Is Abortion

This one is easy if you took sex education in middle school or have common sense. When debating whether or not the morning-after Plan B pill should be included in coverage, many pointed to the unscientific stance that pregnancy begins at fertilization, an argument fortified by the claim the pills were “abortion-inducing.” Here’s the breakdown — legally, a woman isn’t pregnant until a fertilized egg is implanted in her uterine lining. Secondly, morning after pills don’t abort an implanted egg — they delay ovulation or thicken cervical mucus so sperm have trouble swimming. And at the very basic level, birth control inhibits pregnancy. So please, stop crying abortion. It’s not even a thing when discussing birth control.

Birth Control Encourages Women To Get Pregnant: 

Birth control does not encourage sex. It just doesn’t. Your own hormones and the Viagra Hobby Lobby still provides for their male employees does that. Furthermore, birth control is a way to protect ourselves from those Viagra-pumped penises Hobby Lobby supports. But at the very basic level, it helps with other medical conditions like endometriosis, ovarian cysts, acne, irregular periods or polycystic ovary syndrome many women suffer from.

Birth Control Isn’t Health Care:

Some 1.5 million women use birth control for the reasons listed above. So please, tell me again it’s not a health care issue, so I can stick my foot way up your ass.

And about that One Truth?

It’s none of your business what I do with my body. So stay out our fucking wombs. Thanks.

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