They say when you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself. Photographer Jenna Martin took that saying to heart when she kicked off her Lowe’s photoshoot series in which she shot some high quality portraits in a Lowes Department Store.  Now Cincinnati-based photographer Adam Delane is sprinkling some Black boy magic on that […]

Days after ESPN host Stephen A. Smith suggested women are to blame for provoking domestic abuse, the network has suspended him. “ESPN announced today that Stephen A. Smith will not appear on First Take or ESPN Radio for the next week. He will return to ESPN next Wednesday,” ESPN spokesman Josh Krulewitz wrote in a statement […]


Israeli troops have picked up steam in their Gaza offensive early Friday morning as they push deeper into Hamas-ruled territory. Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, said they are targeting tunnels that Gaza militants use to store weapons and seek shelter from Israeli airstrikes. The military has also released footage showing tanks and soldiers entering Gaza to locate […]

If you thought proponents of birth control were taking a back seat in the wake of a Supreme Court ruling that allows for-profit companies to refuse coverage of contraception for religious reasons, think again. In the most creative, delightfully shady and crafty way, women who are deemed less human than corporations (and their supporters) have taken to Hobby Lobby’s […]

Here’s some good news. Senate Democrats are preparing to introduce a piece of legislation in hopes of overriding the Supreme Court’s recent ruling on Hobby Lobby that allows for-profit companies to refuse coverage of contraception for religious reasons. The bill, which lawmakers are expediting, would require for-profit employers to cover the full range of FDA-approved birth control […]

On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled that closely held, for-profit companies can claim a religious exemption to the Obamacare requirement that they provide health insurance coverage for birth control. Hobby Lobby, the family-owned chain of arts and craft stores behind the ruling, claimed the Obamacare requirement for corporations to provide health care coverage for contraceptives interfered with […]

Hobby Lobby, the family-owned chain of arts and craft stores founded on Biblical principles, may have gained some ground in the religious freedom fight yesterday when the Supreme Court ruled corporations can refuse to provide health insurance coverage for birth control. But the newest enemy in the fight to limit women’s reproductive rights also exhibited some hypocrisy too […]