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If you thought proponents of birth control were taking a back seat in the wake of a Supreme Court ruling that allows for-profit companies to refuse coverage of contraception for religious reasons, think again.

In the most creative, delightfully shady and crafty way, women who are deemed less human than corporations (and their supporters) have taken to Hobby Lobby’s own crafting material to send a clear message.

Get the fuck out of our wombs.

It started with the picture above, one simple message designed with letter blocks at a Hobby Lobby Maryland branch by Policy Mic’s Adam Peck.

“It just seemed like a perfect opportunity to stage a kind of a silent protest, and the chance to use Hobby Lobby’s own products to do it was just too serendipitous to pass up,” Peck told Policy Mic. “I certainly don’t want to encourage other people to ransack their local Hobby Lobby, but who am I to tell other people what to do with things like stamps, stencils, lawn signs, window decals and other items that can be used to spell things out in the aisles?”

Then there was this.

Jasmine Shea took to a Hobby Lobby to leave these important messages for those who think birth control is actually abortion. Which, if you’re confused, you can learn more about here.

She paired her artistic pieces with the caption: Thanks @HobbyLobbyStore had a blast at your store today. Ps

And now, she’s our favorite person.

But silent protests aren’t the only way people are protesting the Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of the religious store (and other corporations like it).

According to Think Progress, protestors are handing out birth control at Hobby Lobby, holding prayer vigils at the stores (to support the idea that not all religious people support the Hobby Lobby decision) and yes, mailing mega-huge uteri to the store.

Some activists are using their knitting skills to send a message to Hobby Lobby; they’re creating replicas of uteri and mailing them to the store. This creative tactic didn’t originate with the Hobby Lobby ruling — a group of knitters named “Government Free VJJ” has already been creating these for lawmakers who support anti-abortion laws that infringe on women’s reproductive lives.

What’s not to love about a sense of humor paired with some effective protesting to protect women’s rights? For all of you crafters out there sending a message, keep doing what you’re doing.

SOURCE: Think Progress | PHOTO CREDIT: Twitter

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