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Christina Milian, singer, actress and current social media correspondent for NBC’s smash hit The Voice has proven that the road to your dreams can be bigger than what you imagine.

The triple threat gives us more reasons to pay attention to her journey than the destination. On the road to stardom, Milian has found success with her music, films and mommy hood. What’s the best way to hop on the path to your dreams? Milian says the method is to be your own cheerleader.

“Through the ups and downs you always have to believe in yourself,” she says. “If you believe in yourself, stick in there and I believe it can happen when you find your true self.”

The resilient singer has juggled with singing and acting ever since she was a kid. After joining the Disney Channel’s Movie Surfers series as a teen, the talented Disney kid starred in Disney films and popular TV shows like Sister, Sister. She also signed to Def Jam in 2001 and released her debut album Christina Milian at the age of 20.

Four years later, Milian returned once again to the music scene with a more grown up image for her sophomore album, It’s About Time. The album spawned her biggest hit to date, “Dip It Low” featuring Fabolous. The singer took a hands-on approach this time around and was able to write and sing about issues close to her heart like family turmoil and her love life. In the years that followed, Milian starred in the hit film Love Don’t Cost a Thing, released her third album So Amazin and helped put together a little old song by Justin Bieber titled “Baby” with her ex, The Dream.

While the world had seen the singer as a sweet pop tart, Milian went through a lot of mistakes that helped to build her confidence.

“I can say that I have fallen for that, slightly, but sometimes I did enjoy it,” she said. “I’m an actress, too, so when I live something, I’m going to live it all the way. So I can’t say that someone pushed me in a direction that I didn’t want to go because at the end of the day, I had to do it, I had to sing it, I had to be it in the music videos, all that stuff. It’s just that … there’s a sense of confidence that I didn’t have back then that I have now. It was giggly, fun and happy, but now I’m … I don’t know, I’ve changed a bit.”

Much of that change includes her recent signing to Lil Wayne’s Young Money click and putting the finishing touches on her upcoming album. Fans can expect to see more of the singer during her E! reality show. The show will focus on her and her family and hopefully some cool Young Money cameos!

While we wait to see Milian’s return to music, the working mom has kept herself busy with travel blogs and charities.

Her latest endeavor, The Hope For The Holidays program helps families in New Orleans rebuild their homes destroyed during Hurricane Katrina. The campaign has risen close to half of their $50,000 goal. Learn more about it here.

With her path to discovering her dreams, Christina believes that her experiences have helped her grow.

“This definitely feels like a new phase in my life,” said about her recent journey.  “ I have way more experience to [draw] off of in my personal life as well as in business. And I do feel, with now becoming a mother, being married and having many relationships, failures and successes, it all makes me the person that I am today.”

Always pay attention to the path to your dreams. You never know what you may encounter on the way!