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It’s the 4th of July, the day America goes to barbecues, watches the fireworks, and spends all weekend going in and out of theaters.

The 4th also starts the beginning of what I like to call blockbuster season. Although this 4th doesn’t have any huge movies opening up, we can expect Transformers: Age of Extinction to lead the way this weekend yet again. Unless Tammy pulls out a miracle.

While we wait, let’s look back on the movies that already came out this year. It is the official halfway point of 2014, after all. There have been several great movie releases, from a new X-Men flick to like, one hundred movies starring Kevin Hart, Regina Hall, and Gary Owen. But which ones stand atop them all? We ranked our favorites, so take a look!

Grand Budapest Hotel — This was a colorful and funny film that was highly entertaining, but able to get quite dark at times, despite having such a bright color scheme. Throw in a bunch of A-list cameos and this one could end up making some noise come awards season.

X-Men: Days Of Future Past — Old meets new. X-Men delivered when a bunch of other superhero films fell short this year. I loved the amazing action scenes, the humor, and the bit of Matrix-style slow motion. This time-traveling mutant flick is a winner.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier — Two words: Elevator scene.

Neighbors — After all that action, you need to laugh and no film delivered like Neighbors. This movie had me in tears with its weed humor, slapstick, and the Robert De Niro dress up party. Brilliant.

The Fault In Our Stars — Since we laugh, we must also cry. The Fault In Our Stars definitely does the book justice, as it deals with love in the time of cancer.

22 Jump Street — 22 Jump Street seriously delivered as a sequel. Jonah Hill and Ice Cube (and Channing Tatum) have chemistry just as spot-on as Cube and Chris Tucker. It was that funny.

The Lego Movie — Who says family movies can’t be great movies? The Lego Movie holds it own amongst the top echelon.

Edge of Tomorrow — Live. Die. Repeat. The concept has been done a bunch of times, but there is something about Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt that helps make this movie scream, ‘They got it right!’

12 O’Clock Boys — Pop a wheelie in the streets of D.C. and see what happens to you. Afraid? Then just check out this documentary and live vicariously through these youngsters who just want to ride their bikes.

Godzilla — What’s a movie without its star attraction? I thought this movie was good, but it just left me wanting more. More Bryan Cranston, more Elizabeth Olsen, and most importantly, more Godzilla.

That Awkward Moment — If you’re connected and live in New York City, you will enjoy this one. It’s for the dating age man who frequents all the hot spots around the city. Some hated this film, but I loved it. And hey, I know it’s an acquired taste.

Ride Along Ride Along pulled in over $100 million, making it the year’s first blockbuster in our book.

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