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Looks like London’s Wireless Festival wasn’t ready for Yeezus!

Kanye West was reportedly booed during his set after going on an “extraordinary 20-minute rant” mid-performance. West is said to have been talking to the crowd about discrimination within the fashion industry, a common topic in his concert rants.

‘Ye appeared in front of thousands of concert-goers in blue and white tie-dye with a jewel-encrusted mask covering his face.

“I’m not particularly angry but they’ve taken the idea of celebrity and tried to make me seem like I’m stupid or something,” he said, referencing the media.

“I’m not going to mention any names but…Nike, Louis Vuitton and gucci. Don’t discriminate against me ’cause I’m a black man making music. ‘Fuck saving face and what it’s supposed to mean, it’s about living my dream,” he preached.

At this point in his rant, Daily Mail reports people began leaving the venue by the hundreds.

Those that stayed are said to have booed until Kanye stopped.

While Kanye ranted, Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora chose to stick to the music!

The pair took to the stage to perform “Black Widow” together, Rita hitting the stage in a printed mini skirt with a high slit and matching cropped jacket while Iggy let her now-famous curves show in a black and blue mesh outfit.

The crowd cheered and sang along as Iggy and Rita bopped around the stage. Can you blame them? Those ladies are sexy!

Check out the videos up above.

SOURCE: E! Online, Belfast Telegraph | PHOTO CREDIT: Splash News

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