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Marge Simpson will be taking a little break away from the kids and Homer to launch her new makeup line with MAC.

Although the official launch date isn’t set to hit the web until August 28 and stores on September 4, Simpsons fanatics and MAC lovers alike may be happy to hear the good news. The wait is over at the end of the month, when the MAC store in San Diego will hold a one-day sale for the 10-piece collection during the Comic-Con convention.

For those who have yet to see the line, it will contain a selection of makeup essentials including lip glasses, lashes, eyeshadow, and blushes. All of the products come in vibrant colors such as royal purple and blues the color of Marge’s tall fro. And of course, each case will feature Marge’s signature hair and face.

In a press release statement, Marge “talks about” some of her favorites from the line.

“They’re all so great, but I must say that Lisa’s Spikes really works well with my skin tone and of course, Beehive Blue complements my hair perfectly.”

Included with a purchase of the new line, fans can also get a “Marge Simpson-style” makeover at the MAC counters. Not sure if a full Marge makeover is what fans are looking for, but her selection of products and colors would make a nice addition to anyone’s makeup drawer.

Check out some of the items from MAC and Marge Simpson’s collection below.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter 

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