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Ireland Baldwin isn’t sweatin’ any of the rumors circulating about her or her relationship with female MC Angel Haze. The 18-year-old was recently spotted kickin’ it in Germany where she flew to support Haze during her set at Splash Fest.

Before Angel took to the stage she, Ireland and their posse made sure to check out all Germany had to offer. Ireland uploaded a few photos from her travels on Instagram. After they had gotten their fill of sight-seeing the crew made their way to Splash Fest, where they proudly watched from back stage!

Baldwin uploaded a few photos of herself and her friends not long before Haze hit the stage. She then shared a short video of her rumored girlfriend’s epic set.

The young model left fans and followers with a selfie early this morning.

Earlier this week Ireland, Angel and their pals took Dublin by storm. We’re not sure where these two are off to next, but we can’t wait to see the pictures!


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