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World, meet Hot Hailey. Earlier today, Ford model Hailey Baldwin became a trending topic alongside her rumored boo Justin Bieber. The two young tenders have maintained they’re “just friends,” but according to the internet (Twitter specifically), Hailey and Justin are basically running to the altar, which launched #CongratsJustinandHailey into a worldwide trending topic. Thanks to E! Network’s […]

Ah, true love. There’s nothing like it. Some people are fortunate enough to find it, and Angel Haze and her model girlfriend Ireland Baldwin definitely qualify. These two started dating earlier this year, but we can tell they have a connection and understanding like none other. Not only do these girls adore each other, but they have quite an […]

Angel Haze may go hard on the mic and in her fashion game, but she still has a soft side. During her recent shoot with The Coveteur, the Detroit emcee showed off some of her favorite things in her closet and apartment, including a skateboard, clothes, jewelry, but most importantly –  her puppy. From KISS t-shirts […]

Ireland Baldwin showed her girl Angel Haze some serious National Girlfriend Day love on the ‘Gram over the weekend. The 18-year-old model uploaded a photo showing herself lying in rapper Haze’s lap, half covering her face with her own hair. “yeah it’s national girlfriend day… so of course…,” she captioned the photo. The young model is […]

Ireland Baldwin might be trying to make her own way in Hollywood, but she never forgets where or whom she came from. The daughter of actors Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger just scored her first solo campaign for Rampage, and even though she’s out on her own, she pays homage to her mom in the cutest way possible. In the […]

Things are getting serious between Angel Haze and Ireland Baldwin. The two took their relationship bi-coastal, hopping on a flight from New York to L.A., where they became one with nature. The couple went on a hike together and left their mark on the City of Angels, carving their names into a tree already marked […]

Ireland Baldwin isn’t sweatin’ any of the rumors circulating about her or her relationship with female MC Angel Haze. The 18-year-old was recently spotted kickin’ it in Germany where she flew to support Haze during her set at Splash Fest. Before Angel took to the stage she, Ireland and their posse made sure to check out […]

Rapper Angel Haze and Ireland Baldwin have been hanging out for a while now and finally – after what seems like centuries of speculation – the two have finally confirmed that they are dating. The hip-hop superstar recently opened up to The Independent about her relationship with the blonde bombshell, and revealed that no one […]

A-list cousins Hailey and Ireland Baldwin are the latest of Hollywood’s elite freshman class to take the fashion world by storm. Since signing with their respective modeling agencies, both 17-year-old Hailey and 18-year-old Ireland have graced the pages of a majority of the major fashion mags and become the faces of multiple brands. These girls […]