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Angel Haze may go hard on the mic and in her fashion game, but she still has a soft side.

During her recent shoot with The Coveteur, the Detroit emcee showed off some of her favorite things in her closet and apartment, including a skateboard, clothes, jewelry, but most importantly –  her puppy.

From KISS t-shirts to some of the flyest sneakers, Angel has it all in her home, including stylish girlfriend Ireland Baldwin and their shared baby Husky – who seriously steals the spotlight.

The rapper and her girlfriend said of their recently acquired new friend:

“We found [my puppy] on Alameda in Los Angeles, he was among ten others. Some long, drawn-out story about animal abuse and rights happened, [which led to us] taking him and giving him a new life.”

Angel even shares the most ridiculous thing she ever bought:

“[The most ridiculous thing I’ve ever purchased is] lamb leather pants for a grand. They ripped the same day.”

See the rest of the interview over at The Coveteur.


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