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Ah, true love. There’s nothing like it.

Some people are fortunate enough to find it, and Angel Haze and her model girlfriend Ireland Baldwin definitely qualify. These two started dating earlier this year, but we can tell they have a connection and understanding like none other.

Not only do these girls adore each other, but they have quite an equally adorable way of expressing it via social media with tons of artsy candid captured moments. While most couples might go for the generic “prom poses,” or holding hands while walking, Angel and Ireland bring out their inner models.

Their looks are stylish and fierce with a hint of rebellion, and it’s clear they’re just two peas in a pod…who have some room for a little husky puppy too.

See some of the tender and super stylish moments between Angel and Ireland in the gallery below.


Angel Haze & Ireland Baldwin’s Most Stylish Couple Moments (PHOTOS)
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