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World, meet Hot Hailey.

Earlier today, Ford model Hailey Baldwin became a trending topic alongside her rumored boo Justin Bieber. The two young tenders have maintained they’re “just friends,” but according to the internet (Twitter specifically), Hailey and Justin are basically running to the altar, which launched #CongratsJustinandHailey into a worldwide trending topic.

Thanks to E! Network’s great investigative work, come to find out Justin’s crazed fans (also known as Beliebers) prematurely reacted to a non-existent TMZ article reporting that the couple was engaged. Yes, Beliebers started a trending topic for an article that never even existed.

Weird, we know.

But the 18-year-old model is super cute and quite the socialite. Not only is she the daughter of famed actor Stephen Baldwin, but she’s also sister to Ireland, and besties with fellow pretty girl Kendall Jenner and R&B singer Justine Skye.

It’s Thursday, so if you’re feeling thirsty, check out these 31 hot pictures of Hailey Baldwin below.


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