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This Friday, July 18, one of the most anticipated sequels of the summer will premiere.

The Purge: Anarchy picks up where the first film left off, re-exploring the 12-hour period in futuristic America called “The Purge,” in which all crime is legal. Needless to say, things get crazy.

Some stars from the movie sat down with GlobalGrind to give us the 411. Carmen Ejogo talked about the predatory pressures women today feel, personal expectations, surprising herself, and being in the moment, as well as her upcoming movie, SelmaMichael K. Williams told us about how his role in The Purge is unlike any of his prior roles and how he was able to connect with the character.

Director/writer James DeMonaco also opened up about wanting to explore in the sequel, including having the screenplay venture out into the city, so viewers can really experience the effects of the Purge.

During the interview, the cast also acknowledged wanting to make this movie better than the first and the apparently innate fear of masks we all seem to have. Check it out above.