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Despite Nicki Minaj’s claims she wasn’t shading Australian-born rapper Iggy Azalea, NBA baller Nick Young says he’s not buying it.

Nicki was accused of firing verbal shots at Azalea while accepting an award during the BET Awards last month, slamming her for using a ghostwriter. Though Minaj never used Iggy’s name, viewers were sure they knew who she was talking about. The Queens rapper denied the allegations, but it seems Azalea’s basketball player boyfriend doesn’t believe her.

“Iggy is doing big things and that is what is scaring people,” He said yesterday during an ESPYs party. “She is going to brush it off. She won’t let it get to her. She is number one – what can you do? She’s at the top right now, so of course they are going to come at you.”

We may never know if Nicki really meant to shade Iggy or not, but Nick says the comments have gotten to her.

Immediately after the incident, Azalea claimed she was “unbothered by anything that ‘happened’ at the BET awards,” but the Lakers player says that’s far from true.

“I had to deal with the aftermath of that,” he said. “When she came home and was going through her phones, hearing everybody talking trash about her. I had to be there for her.”

Nick, who has been dating the “Fancy” singer for just under a year, says he “most definitely” helps his girl deal with the stresses of celebrity life.

“We always hang out and try to get her mind off what is going on out there one the news,” he says. “We got roller-skating, to theme parks and Six Flags and try to have a good time and do down-to-earth stuff. We have sweats on, hoodies on at Six Flags, just us two, and you will never know who we are.”

Though they spend plenty of time doing “down-to-earth stuff,” Nick says hitting the town is a source of stress for the pair.

“It takes four or five hours for her to get ready,” he said. “I get one the computer and watch TV. For women, it takes them forever. They got to do a lot – hair, make up, earrings, and they go through four or five outfits.”

Either way, sounds like Iggy has herself a keeper.


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