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It’s safe to say that most of us have drastically transformed our style since the early 2000s. It took some time, but over the course of a decade, we’ve said goodbye to baggy pants and jersey dresses and said hello to tailored suits and gowns. In the hip-hop and sports community alone, there are a handful of rappers and athletes who deserve an honorable mention for their transformation into 2014 style, but the trophy goes to Carmelo Anthony.

The basketball player has come a very long way from his first days on the red carpet with La La by his side. Baggy suits, durags, you name it, Carmelo had it on at some point. But this year, he’s surprised everyone with a style turn around, rocking fitted and trendy outfits.

From 2006-2008, Carmelo had a thing for loud colors, matching prints, cornrows, and oversized everything. In 2009, along with a lot of music industry artists, Carmelo cut off his cornrows and began making the transition from a baggy-pants basketball player, to a fashionable one. He started off a little rocky, going for crazy colors and wild patterns, but he eventually got the hang of it.

And at the Grey Goose Le Melon launch party this week, Carmelo showed us that all the fashion no-no’s were a thing of the past. He showed up in a printed collared shirt paired with a hat and turquoise sneakers, proving he’s the real MVP of style transformations.

Take a look at some throwbacks of Carmelo Anthony and witness his evolution over the years in the gallery below.


Dapper Don: The Style Evolution Of Carmelo Anthony
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