One of the greatest emcees of all times turns 46-years old today, and still can rap circles around rappers more than half his age. Nas has been dropping bars since before most of us millennials were born, and managed to solidify his space in the music game quickly. It all all started 25 year ago […]

This image of a braid-less Push will go down in history.

If you’re an Austin Powers fan, you might have a sense of withdrawal, considering there hasn’t been another movie in the series since 2002’s Goldmember. Well now you can get a taste of the nostalgia thanks to Mike Myers. He stopped by Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday as Dr. Evil. Apparently, the diabolical mastermind was another […]

On Tuesday, Fergie celebrated her 43rd birthday and we thought we’d honor the singer by remembering another time she lived on the edge while singing. Watch Fergie flip her way into some high notes in the hilarious, yet quite impressive video below!

I think it’s safe to say Dexter’s Laboratory is a G.O.A.T. when it comes to Cartoon Network shows. Folks couldn’t get enough of the kid genius and his antics with his annoying sister Dee Dee. It seems even hip-hop was hit with the Dexter bug. In 2002 a whole tribute album was released for the […]