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It’s been more than five months since Amanda Perez has been away. More like 16 years since we’ve seen the “Angel” singer.

Before most millennials even knew what love and heartbreak really was, “Angel” was every girl’s favorite love song to sing. It’ll definitely go down in history as one of those “what y’all know about this” songs we’ll be singing at the cookout.


Ever wondered what Amanda is looking like after living a low key life for over 15 years?



Sis is still booking gigs off that one song — can’t be mad at that.


AP had it pretty rough growing up in Indiana. She reportedly had to sell drugs as a teenager, just to provide for her family.


Now the 38 year old is focused on her new music, being a good girlfriend, and still supporting her family — in a non-criminal way.




For the 25 and over crew, Amanda will always be our Angel, from the heavens above.  Do your research, kids.