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Yung Berg might be out of the spotlight but that doesn’t mean he has stopped grindin’. The Grammy-nominated producer/songwriter recently dished on some of the projects he’s currently working on, including Nicki Minajs highly-anticipated album The Pink Print. Berg is also involved in P. Diddy‘s forthcoming effort Money Making Mitch, and has penned some lyrics for Rihanna. Check out what he has to say about Nicki’s album and more above. [Rap-Up]

Pop sensation Katy Perry has a lot to celebrate. The 29-year-old singer expressed her joy  in regards to the millions of YouTube views her Prism single “Roar” boasts. The California girl tweeted: I’m good with my 569,000,000+ views on Roar. So far, it is her most popular video up to date, with Dark Horse coming in second with just 472 million views. [Just Jared]

ATL artists Childish Major and Curtis Williams strayed off the trap music lane and brought us this very smooth record. The beat maker-turned-singer is flexing his soothing vocals in this new record Childish. Listen to the love song here —> [Miss Info]

Avril Lavigne is pretty upset and we don’t blame her. The Canadian singer is suing 2VLive, a live concert streaming company. The singer states that the company agreed to pay Lavigne half a million dollars in exchange for promotional appearances, and a NYC concert on September 25th. The company agreed to pay her in 3 installments but Avril hasn’t received most of the cash. [TMZ]


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