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The U.N. is reporting that approximately one in five of the Palestinian deaths are children in Gaza after 11 days of tragic bombardment. The Israeli military is trying to urge residents to leave areas that are under the Hamas targets, but rights activists say that almost no place is safe in the area. 1.7 million people in the Gaza Strip are under the age of 18, with 71 of them killed since July 8th. [Huffington Post]

49ers star Aldon Smith has just been offered a plea deal after a DUI arrest and weapon charges, which involves him going to jail for 12 days. According to reports, he can serve his time by participating in a “work crew” program, where he does manual labor in the daytime and stays in a cell at night. The judge is also allowing him to do this on just Mondays starting on July 28th, and he will also be on probation for 3 years. [TMZ]

Jason Biggs has been the center of controversy this week after making a joke about the Malaysia Airlines crash and although he’s apologized, he might be reigniting the flame he lit with his most recent comments. He recently told TMZ that he wasn’t sure why people were mad about the joke, even though he’s sorry that it did offend people. He told the photog, “I don’t want it to be misinterpreted that I joked at their expense, so if I did that I do apologize.” [TMZ]

President Obama is showing more support for the LGBT community, as reports are saying he will sign an executive order banning workplace discrimination against people of diverse sexual orientation on Monday. Not only does it prohibit “federal contractors from discriminating against employees based on sexual orientation or gender identity,” but it will also also ban discrimination against federal employees based on gender identity. [Huffington Post]


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