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Giddy up! Khloe Kardashian saddled up for private horse riding lessons this week and looked great doing it.

The notorious animal lover posted some photos of her experience on Instagram yesterday, and it looks like she made a new animal friend after it all!

She captioned the photo:

“Meet my new bestie, Nick!”

Khloe took some time to herself as she rocked all black for her lesson while getting away from the whole Kardashian krew for a bit.

It also looks like she knows what she’s doing since Koko posted a video with the caption:

“A little warm up before my lesson.”

Is that a GoPro camera we spot on her helmet? If it is, we hope to get an inside peek at the lesson.

Before suiting up, Khloe posted a selfie channeling her baby sis, Kylie Jenner, with side-swept hair over her eye.

The selfies didn’t stop there as she also posted a mirror picture, showing off her flawless outfit. Her black hat went perfectly with her deep, low-cut top and jeans.

Work it, Khloe!

Fortunately, French Montana‘s bae doesn’t always need to be dolled up.

In the above photo, Khloe is fresh-faced and glowing, seemingly wearing almost no makeup and sporting wet hair. Her long lashes make her eyes pop while her white nails look clean and classy.

Keep being flawless, Khloe.

PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram | VIDEO CREDIT: Instagram

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