The 2018 Cannes Film Festival will be a little less fun this year, thanks to executives hating on selfies. Neither celebs nor festival-goers will be allowed to take selfies on the red carpet and if they do anyway, they won’t be allowed inside to watch the film, The AP reports. The site relays some very harsh words […]

Oftentimes, we go so hard on ourselves that we don’t even appreciate our full beauty. Thanks to social media, most of us take 100 selfies and criticize each and every aspect of it. But the Internet has come to save the day once again.  Hence the #SideProfileSelfie campaign. Moral of the story: If […]

Two years ago at the Met Gala, "Becky with the good hair" did something to spark an entire Beyoncé album.


The presidential candidate "desperately" wants something that Kim Kardashian has. Can you guess what it is?

Sometimes selfies just aren’t a vain extension of your beauty. In Jamie Raine’s case, they were used for purposeful documentation. The 21-year-old transgender man took a selfie every day for three years to document his transition. His photos were used in a time-lapse for the UK show Born in the Wrong Body, according to Mashable, in order […]

People quickly jumped on their friendship, but Karrueche wasn't standing for it. She replied to a nasty editorial that lacked tact and facts.

When Mrs. West reached 45 million followers on the social network last night, Kim did what she does best. ...She showed her boobs!

A definitive measure of one’s dopeness may be determined by the quality of compliments they receive. When Rihanna tells you “you’re so fucking rare,” you know you’re dope. That’s exactly what happened to Seattle resident Sanam, one of Rih’s right-hand-women from the “Bitch Better Have My Money” music video. From Sanam’s interview with VICE: You posted an Instagram snapshot of […]

Today in WTF news, police in Florida say a woman has confessed to having sex with her pit bull and capturing the sick moment in a series of selfies. Ashley Miller told investigators that she coaxed her dog, “2 face,” into licking her vagina 30-40 times over the past five years. The 18-year-old also confessed to […] Zoe Kravitz is back to looking more like a regular girl, after she took out her braids to reprise her role as Christina in the Divergent Series. Zoe is getting ready to start filming Allegiant Part 1. She posted a selfie to let people know filming was ready to begin. Ava Duvernay‘s grassroots film […]