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Welp, looks like Justin Bieber is planning on dropping his new album real soon.

We’ve been seeing the bad boy pop star in the studio a lot over the past few months, and since recovering from the backlash of his juvenile racist jokes, Justin’s been in the booth with his favorite black friends like Chris Brown, T-Pain, Maejor Ali, and Lil Wayne.

Justin fully understands the concept of “sharing is caring,” and last night he was in a giving mood, delivering not one snippet, but 11 snippets of various songs he’s recorded over the past few months.

One can only assume that Justin is almost finished with his album.

While some of the videos Justin teased don’t have titles, the song in the video above is titled “Cold Waters.” Still no word on when Justin will drop his album, but maybe he’ll take the Beyonce route and post it randomly on iTunes.

Listen to a few more album snippets below, and then head on over to his Instagram to get all 11 snippets.

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