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Last week, VH1 introduced the world to Candidly Nicole, aka the greatest thing to happen to reality TV since well – The Simple Life.

That’s right, y’all. Nicole Richie is back on TV and she’s better than ever. Although she’s no longer palling around with Paris Hilton or getting down and dirty with us regular folks, Candidly Nicole is nothing short of amazing. The show, which began as a web series on AOL, follows Nicole through all the trials and tribulations of being, as she would put it, “a grown up, but not like, ‘a grown up.'” The series centers around Nicole’s unfiltered and absolutely hilarious Twitter feed and her daily misadventures. Throughout the show we’re introduced to Nicole’s family, including her very famous father Lionel Richie and her sassy little sister Sophia, as well as her eccentric group of friends.

Though it hasn’t been on long, we’ve learned a lot in the last few weeks, like how to snag a man online and how not to parallel park. Basically it’s a good laugh and it’s educational – kind of. Because we’re totally hooked on the show, we’ve rounded up all the best moments from Candidly Nicole thus far.

That time Nicole realized that sometimes you have to be brutally honest with the ones you love…


She’s come a long way since The Simple Life, but this mama of two still knows how to turn up…


Nicole is wise beyond her years, at least now that she’s got those black framed glasses…


Our girl’s really grown up in the last few years…


…Like, seriously….

foreignobjects stoppedincollege

Still, she knows it’s important to hang on to a little of that “inner child” people are always talking about…


She knows the key to getting the perfect Instagram photo…


…and knows all the rules of dating in the 21st century.


Nicole knows the importance of having open lines of communication with your parents…


She shares your #LazyGirlProblems…

sleep sleep2

The past is the past, but as Nicole knows all too well, we’ll all eventually have to pay for our fashion sins one day…

lefteye lefteye2

Be sure to tune in to Candidly Nicole every Thursday at 10 p.m. EST on VH1 for more of these little gems.



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