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The New York Police Department is under scrutiny yet again, this time for a video showing an officer allegedly stomping the head of an unarmed Brooklyn man placed under arrest.

That officer, 36-year-old Joel Edouard, was put on modified assignment on Friday as a result of his excessive use of force. The man arrested, Jahmil-El Cuffee, was subdued on suspicion of marijuana possession in Bedford-Stuyvesant on Wednesday.

Cops claim they saw Cuffee, 32, roll a joint on the street and stopped him.

In the disturbing video you can hear onlookers screaming at Edouard after he kicks Cuffee, who at this point is restrained by two other officers, in the head.

“What is wrong with this officer?” one man screamed. “Look at your officer! You see that?”

Cuffee was taken to the hospital with neck and head injuries. Police say he was charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and pot possession.

On Saturday Cuffee joined Rev. Al Sharpton and the family of Eric Garner at the National Action Network headquarters in Harlem for a press conference regarding police brutality. Garner, a 43-year-old father of six, was killed last week when Staten Island police placed him in a chokehold.

“I just want it all to stop,” said Mr. Cuffee. “(I’m) a little sore but I’m alright. I’ll be alright.”

Daniel Pantaleo, the cop who killed Garner, was also reassigned to desk duty after the chokehold incident.

SOURCE: NY Daily News, WSJ

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