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At this point, it seems that everyone wants Beyonce and Jay Z‘s marriage to be in trouble. New rumors and “official” sources come out about Jayonce every day. Page Six even wrote an article titled “Inside the crumbling marriage of Jay Z and Beyonce,” reporting that the couple is near divorce and that they only have a business relationship.

Meanwhile, the Carters are traveling city to city for their “On The Run” tour having the time of their lives. Although Beyonce spent most of 2013 on her Mrs. Carter World Tour and Jay was off on his Magna Carter World Tour (both MCWT, how cute), they decided to spend even more time on the road, but this time together.

Every tour stop so far has been nothing but one adorable on-stage moment after another, so we put together a list of their best moments so you too can revel in the cuteness.

When Jay’s rapping and she’s on the side acting out his lyrics.

And it’s really cute because the lyrics are about her:

When Jay told the crowd, “Put one hand in the air if you came with someone you love” and Bey responded:

When Jay couldn’t keep his hands to himself as she tried to sing through “Drunk In Love.”

That moment when they took “breasteses is my breakfast” to the next level:

The video interludes help tell the story of their love:

The way she gets in his face when she takes over for Justin Timberlake on “Holy Grail”:

When they perform “Part II” and can’t let each other go:

When she sings the line “tell me why do I bring out the best in you?” and Jay adlibs:

At the end when they showed glimpses of their real life: 

Their cute handshake at the end of the show: 

Then the time he forgot about the handshake and Bey did this:

The time Mama Tina came to the show with her new man and they had a cute family moment:

And after they both slayed the stage, they just stay in each other’s arms then walk off:

The Carters are obviously not bothered by the rumors.

SOURCE: Page Six | PHOTO CREDIT:, Tumblr

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