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Around this time last year, there was a viral phenomenon called #SmackCam.

The game was pretty simple: people caught unsuspecting victims with a smack while the cameras were running. The game was already dangerous. But people kept trying to amp up the stakes by adding objects (like bottles of juice).

The #SmackCam era eventually faded. But since the Internet has no chill, there’s a new game.

One that’s even more dangerous.

It’s called the #TheFireChallenge, and it’s been all over Vine, Facebook, and Twitter over the last couple of weeks. Basically, the game consists of young teenagers lighting themselves on fire, using rubbing alcohol and a torch.

The game has started to gain considerable coverage after things went too far with a 15-year-old Kentucky boy:

The teenager explained what happened, saying:

“I just poured alcohol on it, and lit it, and it just automatically went and burst…Literally after it got put out it was already blistering, it’s just hard.”

This accident hasn’t stopped others from trying the game. And while some are able to pull it off with minimal harm…

There is video after video in which the flame starts to spread uncontrollably:

The video that has gotten the most traction features a young man trying the #TheFireChallenge, and then getting completely engulfed in flames, screaming loudly in the process:

It’s scary stuff, ya’ll. And despite what happened to the Kentucky teenager, and the clear risks of the game, the young are still treating it as a joke, posting parody videos online:

#SmackCam eventually got worn out, so hopefully the #TheFireChallenge will flame out before anyone gets seriously hurt.

(We say that to say even if the#TheFireChallenge dies down, there’s going to be something else to interest young teenagers. Example: #ThePassOut game, which is picking up traction again.)

Let’s just stop with the nonsense, guys.

SOURCE: Vine, YouTube