More people gravitated to TikTok this year, making it the most visited website over Google. This year brought some of the social media platform's biggest and outrageous trends. We rounded up a list of the most popular TikTok trends of 2021. Take a look inside.

Name: Rickey Thompson Occupation: Content Creator Location: Los Angeles How We Know Him: There’s a high probability that at least one video a friend has forwarded you in the last few weeks has been courtesy of Rickey’s handiwork. Why We Chose Him: Rickey’s over-the-top brand of funny keeps everyone laughing. What’s Next: Even bigger deals […]

The star of the hilarious “I’m through” Vine is also through with her studies.

Watch these before 9 am and after 5 pm or you will get an e-mail from HR.

Twitter has managed to find Vine sensation Danny LoPriore and the world is a lot better for it. If you’re not familiar with Danny, he’s an awesome singer, but his claim to fame was a Vine in which he discusses sucking on a woman’s breasts to the tune of R. Kelly’s “When a Woman’s Fed Up”. […]

One of the most popular videos to surface on Vine was of a Nigerian boy having a breakdown. It not only was popular on Vine, but became heavily used on Twitter.     We’ve finally got the backstory to the video and it totally changes our perspective.   And in case you were wondering, yes, […]

Tweeter @KingTrillaX: "White people stay stealing Black people dances so I decided to take one of theirs."

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A look back at the greatest Vines we will never forget.

The game was also special for James because it was in the arena in which he played his first-ever NBA game.