The Daily Grind Video

The Internet has allowed us to watch stars go from being on their mama’s couch, to hosting television shows on MTV. DC Young Fly is kind of an O.G. when it comes to this Internet ish.

Whenever you need a good laugh, a break from reality, or just want to see somebody get the socks roasted off ’em, check out the gallery below for DC’s funniest, most classic Vine videos.


1. The Iphone One

2. The Rap Battle One

3. The Chinese Food One

4. The Meek Mill Breakfast One

5. The Emergency Rescue One

6. The MLK One

7. The Grocery Store One

8. The LeBron James, Future “Bring Dat A** Here Boy” Roast

9. The Fart Cam One

10. The Cheap Man One

11. The Nasty Dance One