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So it looks like stylist Mel Ottenberg was being serious when he said Rihanna has run out of clothes to wear. Either that, or her drawer of phucks to give is absolutely empty. We think it’s the latter.

First, she was showing off all of Victoria’s secrets in sexy sleepwear, but last night, it looks like the Bajan beauty put that fashion fad to bed. Rocking an ensemble that only she could wear and still be taken seriously on the concrete catwalk, the bad gal stepped out in New York City in nothing but her bra and panties, er, boxers.

Why? Because she can—and she wasn’t anointed a fashion icon by CFDA for wearing things like, I don’t know, actual outfits and tops and bottoms like us non-fashion icon folks.

The bad gal attended a listening party at the VIP Room with her bestie Melissa in a black bralette paired with $40 Shaun Samson ‘Blow Me’ boxers, but covered up in an oversized denim jacket from her River Island collection and $725 Manolo Blahnik ‘Chaos’ sandals.

Your fave could never, to be honest.


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