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If this collaboration is really happening, the world will literally explode.

After sending the internet into a frenzy with her “Anaconda” single artwork, Nicki Minaj surprised fans when she announced she was pushing back her “Anaconda” single for a greater cause.

What that cause may be is actually centered around the queen herself – Beyonce. According to Hip-Hop Wired, Nicki Minaj pushed back her “Anaconda” single to record a “Flawless (Remix)” with Beyonce.

Rumors of a “Flawless (Remix)” haven’t been confirmed by either diva’s camp, but hopefully, it’s happening.

“Anaconda” will be released next week, on August 4. Nicki’s The Pink Print album is due out later on this year. Are you excited for the possibility of a Nicki and Beyonce super collaboration?

SOURCE: Hip-Hop Wired | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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